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archaeology, battlestar galactica, books, buffy, coffee, dancing, doctor who, ethnic food, fantasy, feminism, folk music, giggling, hiking, horses, movies, my friends, reading, science fiction, vegetarianism, wheat beer, wicca, world-building in sf/f
I'm a librarian at a small rural college, a vegetarian, a feminist, an avid SF/F reader. I love bluegrass and old country and folk (acoustic and electric). I am: politically progressive, a semi-reformed news junkie, addicted to the internet, interested in all things Web 2.0. My nonfiction reading interests are in religion, politics, history and gender; I select books at work for Philosophy, Economics, History, ICT, Gender Studies and Modern Languages (French, Spanish, some Italian and Chinese mostly cultural). I read German, technically (notice the lack of intersection?). I am on a hopeless quest for a really good chick flick (which makes me an extreme optimist, or perhaps a naif). lately, I've stopped watching intense films, but I don't know why. I live in the East but am a west Coast girl. I was a deadhead, hope I am still, but I'm not that kind of hippie!